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Welcome to my webpage

Michael L McClain
St James, NY

Whatever your reasons for visiting, please take a few minutes to explore the various quarters of my website. In them, I present different sides of myself: my professional self as a consultant and teacher, and my personal self as a gardener and occasional blogger.

To learn more about my services as a consultant to the not-for-profit community, look for the links to my resume and services on my Consultant page.

Take a few minutes as well to look at my garden diary and my scribblings, including my blog on the Greek Theater, the Stony Brook Department of Psychiatry Newsletter and Updates, and the lecture notes from my Philosophy classes at St. Joseph's College.

If you are a student in my Philosophy class, spend some time learning about other dimensions of my life, including my work as a consultant and my writings about things I find of interest. Don't even think about copying my summaries of the plays for your paper.

I welcome reaction to my website, especially suggestions for improvement. If anything does not work or looks screwy, please let me know.

Let us go then, you and I...